After working in the IT industry for few years, I went through an epiphany in 2013 when I ventured into Films and Photography in India, focussing primarily on Weddings. It's not that I liked shooting portraits, in-fact I was more into wildlife and landscapes. In a chance wedding photoshoot of a friend of mine, I liked the intensity around me. Gradually I became passionate about Bridal portraits. As a painter during childhood, I loved to play with colors. And what better way is there other than Indian Weddings to capture such a varied display of colors. 

Life isn't always how you expect it to be. After a successful head start, due to certain unavoidable twist in my life I had to relinquish my business. I moved to Australia to start life afresh. My passion for photography is infinite and I hope to create some magical moments here in Australia that I now call home.

I use MuddySteps because this is not just about photography but also Travel. Travel to unique places. Guiding you through a photographic journey of a lifetime.